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Hydroxyls and Ions

Hydroxyls and Ions


Ions are molecules that have gained or lost an electrical charge. They are created in nature as air molecules break apart due to sunlight radiation, and moving air and water.


Free Hydroxyl Radicals, are highly aggressive and far more effective and efficient than Ions when it comes to killing pathogens that are airborne and on surfaces.

You may have experienced the power of these ions when you last set foot on the beach or walked near a waterfall. The air circulating in the mountains and the beaches contain tens of thousands of ions — Many times more than the average home or office building, which contain just dozens or hundreds, and many don’t register at all.

Every room is filled with positively and negatively charged particles, which could be made up of dust, microbes, odours, airborne bacteria or illnesses, smoke or other allergens.

Ions are negatively and positively charged particles that are attracted to and bond to positively and negatively charged particles in an internal space.

When ionized particles bond to airborne particles, their collective weight renders them too heavy to float in the air;

so, they fall to the nearest horizontal surface. Once they are no longer airborne, the ionized particles can be collected in a vacuum cleaner or by dusting furniture and raised surfaces.

Ions are great at clumping pathogens and precipitating them out of the air. However, they are slow and inefficient at killing them.

HOW DOES HQAir Advanced Hydroxyl System WORK?

HOW DOES HQAir Advanced Hydroxyl System WORK?

HQ Air' air and surface treatment technology is the only technologically advanced solution that produces both Free Hydroxyl Radicals and Ions to provide maximum protection against airborne and surface pathogens.