Air & Surface Treatment Technology

HQ Air Professional

Significantly reduce the risk of airborne and surface viruses and bacteria with HQ Air.

HQ Air Professional Specifications

30m2 per single unit


370 x 370 x 75mm


40 – 65 W


Touch and WiFi

Air flow

Low flow / low noise

Hydroxyl Generators & Life

1x 12,000 hours

Significantly reduce the risk of airborne and surface viruses and bacteria with HQ Air.

The Most Powerful Indoor Air Purification and Sanitisation System for homes and offices, classrooms               and areas up to 50sqm

The HQ Air Professional unit is not much bigger than the size of a pizza box, lightweight and durable it is easily mounted on any internal wall and plugged into any 240V outlet. A single unit effectively decontaminates rooms approximately 30-50m2 making the HQ Air Professional ideal for any room in the home, office, small retail store or classroom.

  • Removes 99.99% of viruses & bacteria

    (Covid19 / Influenza / Common Cold)

  • Eliminates Mould

    and Destroys mould spores

  • Neutralizes Odors and Smells

    from Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Proven and Extensively Tested Technology

    as in FDA approved Class II Medical Devices

  • Chemical free

    completely safe and environmentally friendly

  • Offers a Simple “Scalable Solution”

    for Effective Air Treatment

An exceptionally fast, safe and effective air and surface treatment system which removes 99.99% of surface and air pathogens (including COVID-19). Using powerful “Hydroxyl Generation based Technology”, HQ Air offers you a 24/7 Effective Air Treatment System – reducing the risk and spread of viruses and bacteria and providing a safer working environment for customers and staff.

Complete confidence in your environment

The only technology to work on both surface and airborne contaminants