Air & Surface Treatment Technology

The Most Advanced Indoor Air Sanitisation and Purification System for Industrial and Commercial Applications Yet!

HQ Air Industrial

Product Description
Width: 35cm
Depth: 74cm
Height: 41cm
Room Size

Up to 500m2


Dust, Carbon, HEPA

Air flow

Up to 0.8m3/s or 1600cfm (No HEPA) Air flow limited by HEPA when installed.

Hydroxyl Generators and life

5 (high power) x 12,000 hours Up to 10 times the oxidant output of the single unit


Large spaces, decontamination, air purification. Stand alone or installed in HVAC system.

Significantly reduce the risk of airborne and surface viruses and bacteria with HQ Air.

The Most Advanced Indoor Air Sanitisation and Purification System for Industrial and Commercial Applications Yet!

The HQ Air Industrial units are incredibly versatile and cost effective. The HQ Air Industrial units have proven ideal for many applications, shopping centers, office buildings, food processing centres, light industrial, hospitality venues, healthcare, schools, universities and gyms just to name a few.

HQ Air can connect to your Building Management Systems for larger site applications.


HQ Air Industrial units can be installed inline or adjacent to standard HVAC ducting, ceilings, underfloor or customized with air curtains to cater for large complex, high traffic or industry specific applications.

Contact one of our HQ Air specialists to design your system today.


HQ Air Standalone / Portable options are very modular and versatile and can fit just about any application required.

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  1. Only when directed away from occupants
  2. Possible build-up of Formaldehyde
  3. Ions are great at clumping pathogens and precipitating them out of the air. However, they are slow and inefficient at killing them
  4. Only through machine
  5. Limited, slow

Technology Comparison

There are a number of other manufacturers that claim to have similar products to HQ Air. None of HQ Air’s competitors’ devices produce Free Hydroxyl Radicals and Ions. To date, the range of available, but more basic, air cleaners produce the less efficient Bound Hydroxyls or Ions.

HQ Air is not aware of any competitive device that employs the latest patented Australian technology to produces both Free Hydroxyl Radicals and Ions.

When compared to AtmosAir and WellAir, both well-marketed brands, HQ Air has far stronger credentials and is considered to be more robust, efficient, environmentally responsible and cost effective.

While both AtmosAir and WellAir function in a similar manner to the HQ Air Industrial unit, they can only produce Ions. Whereas, the HQ Air device produces Ions and Free Hydroxyl Radicals, which is a more efficient system for removing pathogens – including COVID-19 – from the air and hard and soft surfaces.

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Comparison table comparing the features of HQAir Industrial unit to AtmosAir 508 and WellAir 7401

HQ Air   is   the   next   generation   of   innovative   solutions   for   indoor   air   quality   technology,   representing a step change in indoor air quality management with the introduction of Free Hydroxyl Radicals.

As well as Ions, the HQ Air technology also generates Free Hydroxyl Radicals, which are highly aggressive and far more effective and efficient than Ions when it comes to killing pathogens that are airborne and on surfaces.

HQ Air is patented, tested, Australian technology designed to the highest technical and scientific standards. HQ Air offers peace of mind and a disinfecting protocol that kills airborne and surface pathogens (bacteria, germs and viruses including common cold, DNA viruses which include chicken pox, influenza, RNA viruses which include COVID-19 and measles, staph and strep bacteria and stomach flu), which is safe to use around humans, animals and plant life.

  • Removes 99.99% of viruses & bacteria

    (Covid19 / Influenza / Common Cold)

  • Eliminates Mould

    and Destroys mould spores

  • Neutralizes Odors and Smells

    from Volatile Organic Compounds

  • Proven and Extensively Tested Technology

    as in FDA approved Class II Medical Devices

  • Chemical free

    completely safe and environmentally friendly

  • Offers a Simple “Scalable Solution”

    for Effective Air Treatment

An exceptionally fast, safe and effective air and surface treatment system which removes 99.99% of surface and air pathogens (including COVID-19).
Using powerful “Hydroxyl Treatment Technology”, HQ Air offers you a 24/7 Effective Air Treatment System – reducing the risk and spread of viruses and bacteria and providing a safer working environment for customers and staff.

Complete confidence in your environment

The only technology to work on both surface and airborne contaminants