Air & Surface Treatment Technology

How it works

Australian designed

Eliminating contaminated and poor-quality air

HQ Air offers an Australian designed, tested and patented advanced air and surface treatment system that safely and efficiently restores the balance of recirculated air by maintaining air quality as well as eliminating contaminated and poor-quality air in residential, commercial, industrial, retail, office, school and indoor public spaces.

Naturally Occurring

This innovative technology reproduces ultraviolet light (UV) and replicates how sunlight cleans our environment. UV light reacts with oxygen and water molecules resulting in Hydroxyl oxidants that cascade through our living spaces to safely sanitize air and surfaces.

Continuously Treat

Continuously treat the total volume of air, while simultaneously treating all soft and hard surfaces, 24/7 in an indoor environment.

Stops Cross Infection

Eliminating and preventing airborne risks and cross infection in indoor spaces including.

Protecting Against

  • Bacteria

    Bacteria which includes staph and strep

  • Mould

    Mould and mould spoors

  • Odours

    Odours and other toxic fumes

  • Pathogens & Viruses

    Common cold, DNA viruses which include chicken pox, Influenza, RNA viruses which include COVID-19, measles, and stomach flu

  • VOC's

    Volatile Organic Compounds