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Indoor air quality can help drive sales and higher occupancy rates.

Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs & Clubs, Leisure Spaces, Conference Centres and Exhibition Halls

A happy guest is an objective for all hospitality businesses and much hard work is employed towards creating a unique guest experience. As every guest expects a pleasant and safe environment. That includes good indoor air quality-something that is fundamental for our health and well-being.

Guests demand more and more comfort in terms of indoor air quality. They want to breathe fresh and clean air. This trend will only continue as consumers become more and more aware of the impact that indoor air has on their health and will see them demand that their air be as clean as possible. This is especially true as we approach a post-COVID world when it’s now becoming mandated across industries to up the ante on air purification in enclosed spaces.

Businesses will have to make sure that their guests are completely satisfied in order to create loyal customers.

Clean air can give you a competitive edge. businesses that take care of their indoor air are not only taking care of the obvious elements that are part of a great experience such as service and food quality–they go a step further by caring about the overall health of their guests.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, only 5% of business travelers ranked health and safety as the most important factor when booking a trip versus 40% during and after the pandemic.

Why businesses should start monitoring and communicating their air quality:

  • Improved Guest Experience

    The awareness about the adverse effects of bad indoor air quality has increased significantly. While pre-COVID-19 guests who experienced poor indoor air quality during their stay may have chosen not to return or leave a negative online review, post-COVID-19 guests want to be reassured before and during their stay that the air they breathe is safe for them and does not increase the risk of being contaminated. The ability to prove to guests that the air they breathe is healthy can instill confidence to return to stay at hotels and increase the hotel’s reputation in the industry and among potential guests.

  • Increase operating efficiency

    Did you ever stay in a hotel room that smelled stuffy or musty? That room might have experienced mould growth within the enclosed environment because of high humidity and insufficient air ventilation. This proves that bad air quality can influence the guest experience and lead to higher renovation and reactive maintenance costs. Especially now that many rooms are idle for a long time, hoteliers must monitor the air quality in those rooms to reduce the risk of losing value by them being unused and incurring damage (for example due to mould). A centralized air quality treatment and monitoring system can save hotels costs and resources, as it can increase the quality of them annual checks of rooms done by the maintenance teams in a hotel. By treating, monitoring and measuring the hotel’s air quality, facility managers can take proactive measures before problems with air quality can lead to costly damage to the property and lower building quality.

  • Staff Productivity

    Same as for the guests, bad indoor air quality can have adverse effects on your teams. A good example here are cleaning supplies and solvents from freshly painted walls and furniture that increase the levels of volatile organic compounds (VOC), which can have adverse health effects, if staff are exposed to this air for a longer time. If they are uncomfortable, they will not be able to work efficiently and effectively. It can affect their concentration and productivity, which can impact your guests experience. Low air quality can cause headaches, dry eyes and throats, dizziness, and tiredness. Furthermore, where in March 2020 the WHO issued advice that COVID-19 is not airborne, since then, mounting evidence has convinced the WHO to change its position–with the WHO now accepting the airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, low air quality can lead to a higher risk of contamination with viruses such as COVID-19.

Study: Indoor air quality can drive hotel bookings

A new report from Carbon Lighthouse examined indoor air quality and its perception by the public amid the pandemic. The U.S. Consumer Sentiment on Indoor Air Quality and COVID-19 survey found that:

With these statistics in mind, Carbon Lighthouse suggests that restaurants, hoteliers and Leisure operators should not only ensure their buildings can adequately manage Indoor Air Quality and implement the appropriate measures, but that businesses must also effectively communicate their efforts and the resulting impact on occupants, to begin driving increase in sales, higher occupancy and working towards economic recovery.

  • the vast majority (91%) of consumers believe that Indoor Air Quality is important in the prevention of COVID-19 spread;

  • 77% of consumers said proof about a hotel’s Indoor Air Quality would impact their decision on where to stay;

  • 52% said they would pay more to stay at a hotel with better Indoor Air Quality; and

  • 76% said a rating system on the Indoor Air Quality of a building–similar to restaurant ratings, would help them feel better about entering that building.

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