Air & Surface Treatment Technology

Clean Air

Independently tested to Kill 99.99%* of Covid-19 and other known RNA viruses, Bacteria, Mould, VOC's and Pathogens in Air and on Surfaces

Clean Air & Surfaces

Kills 99% of Airborne Nasties

Effective against Covid-19 and other known RNA  viruses, Bacteria, Mould, VOC’s and Pathogens in Air and on Surfaces. For a safer and sniffle free environment

Treatment Technology

Free Hydroxyl Radicals

Free Hydroxyl Radicals, are highly aggressive and far more effective and efficient than Ions when it comes to killing pathogens that are airborne and on surfaces.

The Most Powerful Indoor Air Treatment and Purification System for homes and offices


The Most Advanced Indoor Air Treatment and Purification System for Industrial and Commercial Applications Yet!


Chemical free

Chemical free

HQAir does not need any harmful chemicals to sanitise the space

Filter free

HQAir does not use filters saving you hundreds of dollars

Safe to use

Safe to use

HQAir is safe to use around people, animals, plants, fabric, rubber and plastics.

Does not emit Ozone or Formaldehyde

Does not emit Ozone or Formaldehyde

HQAir does not produce any harmful chemicals like Formaldahide or Ozone

Safe and environmentally responsible

Safe and environmentally responsible

HQAir is safe for you and safe for the environment.

 Independently laboratory tested

Independently laboratory tested

HQAir has been indepandantly tested to the highest standards.

Applications and Case Studies

HQAir is a cost effective air and surface treatment system that safely and efficiently restores the balance of indoor air to a state similar to unpolluted fresh air found in nature, safely removing harmful pathogens and other pollutants from the air we breathe and the surfaces we touch indoors.
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The smarter way to cleaner air

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